So, with cock control being the  theme  of the month, I thought it fitting to talk about  one of my favorite ways to control a cock; JOI and ruined orgasms.  No I’m not talking about that orgasm that doesn’t go quite as planned that unexpectedly wasn’t everything you built it up to be (pun intended). 

I’m talking about the intentional act of doing something to make sure that that orgasm does not feel good and is not enjoyable like, squeezing the shaft, yeah, shaft, tight, not allowing that orgasm to cum shooting out. Or how about physically smacking your testicles as you feel yourself falling over the edge into ecstasy. Just to crash hard in to no man’s land!

 See to me ruined Ruined Orgasms and JOI go hand and hand!

So I am sure that you’re very familiar with JOI, or jack off instructions! As matter fact, I’m sure you and I have dabbled in and enjoyed a session or two, so you know just how much I enjoy guiding, and directing you on exactly how to stroke.

My tantalizing a little voice directing you on how to taunt and tease your cock. You know you’re a goddess has a whole bunch of naughty kinks that get me going, but one thing that a lot of you have not had the pleasure of experiencing is just how much I thoroughly enjoy intentionally ruined orgasm!

I bet you he would be surprised at just how many of my pets enjoy a ruined orgasm almost as much as I do. You see power and control is one major dominating factor and why I personally enjoy the cat and mouse game ruined orgasm! With that said however, I’m sure you didn’t know that there is a scientifically proven benefit. See I told you here goddess cares only about you and your needs! Everything I do is for the betterment of you!

So how is it beneficial you ask?! Wow, I’m so glad that you asked you see intentional ruined orgasms are associated with mental training. After prolonged, ruined, orgasms, full release, orgasms are extremely pleasurable and that much more enjoyable!

You heard that right extremely pleasurable orgasms are a benefit!

I’m sure now that you’ve heard the benefits you’re a little bit interested but a little weary and what exactly is ruined orgasm entails.  Well, rest assured that I’m here to explain to you different methods that can be utilized to intentionally ruin an orgasm now, but increase the pleasure of all future orgasms for later! Now I bet that sounds like a bargain!

Now I know you’re curious and you’re wondering how much effort it takes on your part and how much self-control it will take to actually enjoy the benefits of ruined orgasms. There’s lots of different methods when it comes to ruining an orgasm some do require a little more self-control than others . With that said, those are for my more advanced orgasm rumors if you will. But don’t worry worry there’s levels to this and there’s a level for everyone.

So what are the levels?

The first most common “level” of ruined orgasm would be something known as an abandonment. As I’m sure you could guess, this would mean just stopping what you’re doing right before the point of no return.  Of course your body is still going to do what momentum already pushed it forward towards, and the natural course of things will still happen; but it will not be intense or pleasurable!

Think, stroking until the last moment and letting go and letting bygones be bygones. I’m sure that happened a time or two! Especially in the good old days when you weren’t supposed to be playing with that little thing and you got caught. See you didn’t even know that you were partaking in the amazing world of ruined orgasms!  You’re practically an expert!

Another common form of ruined orgasm Squelching! Or squeezing the base of your cock so tight that your orgasm cannot rise up and explode like you want it to. This is the easiest form of ruined masturbation, and one of my personal favorites as it goes well with JOI ! There’s something about a swollen mushroom tip being trying to release that warm creamy white come that gets your goddess, all wet and wild!

Advanced methods of ruined orgasm are not for the faint of heart!

If you made it this far congratulations now we’re moving onto more advanced forms of ruined orgasm’s. The first one is rather painful for you all the more pleasurable for me. This one takes a great deal of self control. Thwacking is the delicious act of ruining an orgasm face smacking that soft sensitive underside of your cock right when the feeling of Nirvana comes to knock. Of course, this easily will lead into cock and ball torture which I do enjoy. A bonus way that I love to make a pet ruined orgasm is a good old fashion ball slap but of course, that going right down the road into CBT.

The last form of ruined orgasm that I like to try is scrunching for squeezing up the tip of your cock as you’re about to orgasm. The tip and the upper part of the cat can be squeezed and is made to continue to be squeezed until the feeling of orgasm has completely passed. Of course you will know because you’ll get a feeling that frustration and disappointment as your orgasm has officially been ruined.

 You know you’re in safe, skilled hands, so push past the fear of discomfort!

Like I said, of course, I do get the pleasure of the control factor directing him to ruin some thing that innately should not be able to be ruined. That power is some thing that I deal with joy and glee with that side I also enjoy knowing that I am prepping you in training you to better enjoy your orgasms in the long run! remember your goddess loves to take care of all of her pets needs!

Emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, whatever you need; I’m here for you! So remember, even though my methods may seem controversial at first, or even downright  uninteresting to you, know that there’s a method to my madness and everything I do is for the benefit of you think about how much you’re gonna enjoy that amazing, full orgasm after training yourself, and having so many ruined ones, it might be enough to keep you cuming back for more!

Xoxo Your sweet, but stern teasing temptress, Goddess Danica