Hi there, sissy girls. You and I need to talk today. You know as well as I do what kind of sight I, your girlfriend, walked in last night to see. It was too late to really discuss it then, but now we need to have a talk.

I Was Not Expecting This Kind Of Feminization From You

I walked in on you last night, wearing the frilliest pair of panties that I own, sitting on my bed, rubbing yourself. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the century! You have never given me any indication that you would be into this sort of feminization before, so I was not expecting to see that at all.

I have to admit, though, you did look good in those panties. Very good, in fact. Delectable, one might say. You make such a cute little frilly sissy that I feel the need to see just how far we can go with this. What do you think?

Are you surprised at my reaction? Did you think I would yell at you and berate you for a fetish that you have? Surely you know me better than that after all this time. I want to be supportive of your transformation into a sissy girl!

Panties Are Just The Beginning

Seeing you like that last night made me realize how much I’ve missed having a sissy around to play with. Yes, I may have never told you this, but I’ve played with sissies in the past. And I enjoyed it quite a bit! So when I saw you like that last night, I realized my old desires were building up again, and I knew that you were the perfect person to help me indulge in them.

Panties are wonderful, but they’re just the beginning of the journey. I’m going to make you over into the perfect little frilly sissy for me (with your consent, of course)! (Although if you like the idea of coerced feminization roleplays, those are also on the table at some point in the future.)

We’re going to go shopping for you first, I think. No need for you to wear my lingerie and outfits when you can have some of your own. Do you prefer the privacy of shopping online at home or the humiliation of going out and shopping? Or maybe you’d like a mix of both. I’m up for whatever, in this case!

Being My Frilly Sissy

Besides, if the type of sissy you’d like to be is a frilly sissy, you’ll definitely need your own wardrobe. Frilly isn’t really my style. But it can be yours!

In fact, I think it’ll be a lot of fun to build a frilly sissy wardrobe from scratch. I haven’t done that particular thing before, so it’ll be an exciting challenge for me. And after we get your trousseau together, we can also explore other areas of feminization phone sex, like teaching you to walk, talk, and act like a woman. Doesn’t that sound thrilling?

So if you’re a would-be frilly sissy–or a sissy of any sort, actually–who would like to begin (or continue) your journey into feminization, then you know what to do! Simply pick up your phone and give me, Ms. Danica, a call. I look forward to hearing from you. You can also feel free to leave me a comment about what type of sissy you are because I’m curious about the ratios of different sissy types. Talk to you girls soon!

XOXO Your sweet but stern Teasing Temptress Goddess Danica