Masturbation May brings all kinds of naughty, dirty, and most importantly; kinky fun and games, that make sissy girl masturbation even better! Who would have thought it could get better right?!  You do know masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo event right!? No, of course not you can spice it up in anyway, you’d like! This is the things that life altering dreams and fantasies are made of, and here I am offering to teach you how to make it reality! Lucky you!

Think of all the possibilities and all the choices you have in the creation of the perfect masturbation session! The possibilities are endless, and with all the choices you have what is a sissy girl like you to do?! Will you choose to let your hands wander as your naughty little brain jumps on the fantasy train feeling the way that the fabric feels pressed against your clitty.. ?!

Are your pretty little lacy panties starting to get wet?

Do you feel that tingle as you start to get excited thinking of my alluring sexy body and worshiping me?  Are you noticing the way your body is reacting to your goddess’ expertise and dirty, naughty mind!? Look at the way your body shivers, and instantly reacts to every direction that I give. It’s almost as if I am in your brain anticipating all the ways that a sissy girl would enjoy being pampered.

You deserve attention, and look how your beautiful, soft, slick, lady bits are getting all wet and are already swollen with anticipation! Oh my Goddess, this sissy girl masturbation session is good and you’ve barely even begun. How many times do you think this little sissy slut is going to cum during this sissy girl masturbation marathon?!

Goddess and her sissy girl, having the night of our lives

I don’t know about you, but I am the multi orgasmic type ! When I decide it’s time for masturbation, it’s an all night affair! Hey, look at that, girls night really has a spin on it tonight now doesn’t it?!  Go ahead rub in a circle and then slide and glide up and down feeling the way that that fabric feels stimulating causing friction. Yes that right, right there  against your clitty just like that! I know it feels great. I’m doing it too. It makes me want to cum right in front of you! Sissy slut do you want me to cum right here with you?

That is only round one and although that was fun, you know, I’m just getting started.  Oh just lay back and relax hon! Don’t you know a lady really needs to take her time and really enjoy being pleased. Do you wanna take matters into your own hands, rubbing and caressing over the curves of your sexy body?! You know you look so good the way your lingerie is cupping you in all the right, tight places! The thought of yourself and just how seductive  you are is almost taking you over the edge again.

Ah ah ah slow down my I know sissy masturbation I sexy but this isn’t a race!

Hold  it study right there keep that same deliberate pace! We don’t want to spoil the fun by rushing through do you?! Oh no, of course not you know, as well as I know that the best part about being a woman is that you get to enjoy the journey at any pace! You know it’s easy to slide in the home base when you’ve got a pretty tight wet Cunt that sets the pace!

Oh yeah, it feels so good letting your finger slide up and down you wet little slut. Are you imagining your goddess sitting atop your face feeding you and keeping you in a good little whore’s  place . Either way you’re sure to be soaking wet by the time you’re done playing with me pet!

You know, they say that blondes have more fun, but I live by the strong belief, that: girls in general dominate and have a hell of a lot more fun than guys and also at their expense! I mean, we do run this mother fucking world! So, of course we would have more fun, that’s why I know this sissy masturbation May we’re going to be slipping and sliding our way into some kinky, naughty little fantasies won’t we sissy girls?!?!

Your Teasing Temptress,

Goddess Danica