‘Twas the first weekend in December,
And all through the night,
Not a clitty was leaking,
Mostly due to fright!
All the sissies are tucked away
In their cages with care
With the promise that soon,
Goddess Danica will be there!

Hey, guys, are you up for some holiday tease and denial with your favorite Femdom Mistress? I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the perfect season for blue balls!

Of course, in order to ensure you stay denied all throughout Denial December, you’ll be locked into chastity for me. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I’m sure if I told you to keep your hands off of your little clitty, you would. It’s just that the device is a constant reminder for you that you are my denied little pet. And I think that’s a very powerful and important thing, for you to remember that at all times. Don’t you agree?

‘Tis The Season For Tease And Denial

The stockings are all hung by the chimney with care. And you, poor little guy or poor little sissy are not hung at all, are you? You’re just sporting a festive holiday cocktail weiner between your legs. But no worries. That’s why I’m locking you into chastity and filling your days with tease and denial!

Cock control is fun anytime of the year, but I feel like it’s even more potent around the holidays. I mean, everywhere there’s a reminder of your state of constant denial. All the blue balls and the jingling bells all over are just metaphors for your personal set of blue balls!

Letting You Out Of Chastity For Some Edging

When it all gets to be too much, all the reminders of your denial and all the pressure that’s building up inside you, you can come to me. I won’t let you cum, but I’ll let you out of your chastity device for a short time for some orgasm edging. I’ll bring you to that sweet edge over and over again, without ever letting you fall over it. You can leak, and that’ll just have to be enough for you.

If you’ve spoken to me before, then you know I’m the undisputed master of tease and denial. And when you mix tease and denial with male chastity, you get such a profound experience. The harder I tease you to start with, the more intense the denial at the end. You won’t be able to resist my unique blend of sweet and spicy, bringing you to the edge repeatedly and stopping you before you cum.

Decorate Your Chastity Cage For Me

Maybe I’ll even have you do something like decorate your chastity cage for me for Christmas. All that messing about with the cage, putting garland or tiny ornaments on it, will only serve to frustrate you further, I’m sure. A little tinsel would look nice and will remind you of all the cumming you won’t be doing for me.

If you’re lucky, I might let you out in Jerk-Off January. But I might find it more entertaining to prolong your tease and denial even more. Or maybe I’ll have a decorated cock cage contest, and whoever wins is the one who gets let out. The rest of you will have to remain in chastity indefinitely. You can never tell what I might decide to do!

So if you’re ready to enjoy some exciting holiday tease and denial phone sex fun with me, you know what to do. Just grab that phone and give your Goddess Danica a call. I’m going to have so much fun making those balls nice and holiday blue!

Xoxo Your sweet, but stern teasing temptress, Goddess Danica